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Whitening Actives

ProductFormKey FeaturesEcocertOrganic
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Arbutin (a & b)PowderFreely soluble. Melanin-inhibitingSample
Ascorbyl GlucosidePowderHighly Stable, water soluble, increases collagen synthesisaSample
Bamboo Charcoal PowderPowderAbsorbs toxins, impurities, exfoliates dead skin cellsaSample
Bilberry ExtractLiquidRich in Anthocyanins, has skin brightening & conditioning effectsSample
Ellagic AcidLiquidAnti-oxidant, Tyrosinase inhibition, Aqueous dispersion of Ellagic AcidSample
Ethyl Ascorbic AcidPowderInhibits tyrosinase activity, inhibits melanin synthesisSample
Glabriddin 40/90PowderNatural skin lightening, inhibit tyrosinase & TRP-2, anti-oxidant & humectant propertiesSample
Glycolic Acid 70%, 90%LiquidPromotes exfoliation & brightens & evens skin toneSample
Hexapeptide-2PowderSkin brightening peptide to brighten skin & even out skin toneSample
Hyaluronic Acid & Linoleic AcidPowderVery low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid modified by alpha linoleic acid. Acts as an active anti-pigmentation agentSample
Kiwifruit ExtractLiquidRich in Vil C & AHA boosts cell renewal, Proanthocyanadins have anti-tyrosinase activityaSample
Kojic Acid DipalmitatePowderInhibits tyrosinase activitySample
Lemon extractLiquidHigh Vil. C & AHAaSample
Lingonberry Seed OilOilRichest source of Linoleic & alpha-linoleic acidSample
-lactic Acid 90%LiquidSkin WhiteningSample
Magnesium Ascorbyl PhosphatePowderWater soluble, non irritating, significant at lower concentrationsSample
NicotinamidePowderReduces skin pigmentation, anti-inflammatorySample
Nonapeptide-1PowderInhibits melanin & tyrosinase production in spot on productsSample
Olive Leaf ExtractPowder/LiquidPowderful antioxidant, effective in hyper-pigmentation, Rich in Phytosterols that maintain skin moisture levelsaSample
Pine Bark ExtractLiquidRich in OPC shows anti-inflammatory activity, High concentration of tannins, flavonoids shows anti-oxidant activity. Anti ageing, soothing & moisturizingSample
Sodium Ascorbyl PhosphatePowderStable, lnvivo antioxidant, promotes collagen synthesisSample
Tetrapeptide-30Powder/SolutionInhibits melanine & tyrosinase production in spot on productsSample
Tranexamic AcidPowderAmino acid with excellent stability, inhibits melanin synthesisSample
Uva Ursi Extract (Bearberry Extract)PowderNaturally lightens & brightens the skinSample
Silver Citrate SolutionLiquidAntimicrobial, deodorant used in gels, wash, foam, linersaSample
Colloidal SilverLiquidAntimicrobial, deodorant used in gels, wash, foam, linersSample
Cranberry ExtractPowderNatural antibacterial and anti-inflammatorySample
Cranberry Seed OilOilNatural antibacterial and anti-inflammatorySample
I-lactic acid 90%LiquidMaintains proper pH levelSample
Seabuckthorn ExtractPowderMoisturizersSample
Seabuckthorn Seed/ Berry OilOilSoothing, MoisturizersSample