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Rheology Modifier

ProductFormKey FeaturesEcocertOrganic
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CarrageenanPowderStabilizer and gelling agentSample
Glyceryl MonooleateSemi-SolidVegetable based bulking agentSample
Glyceryl MonostearateFlakesSoftener, bulking agent , emulsifier, low irritancy to skinSample
Hydrogenated Vegetable OilsPowderAct as replacement to Cocoa Butter- Bulking agentSample
Locust Bean GumPowderTexturizing Agent, significantly improves gel strength, prevents syneresis when used in combination with Carrageenan. Synergy with Xanthan GumSample
PectinPowderFrom citrus & apple source, provides structure in pastes, Cream, Ointment lotion shampoo & conditionerSample
Sodium AlginatePowderThickener derived from marine brown seaweedSample
TransgelGelTransparent anhydrous gels (blend of oils & Block co-polymer) Film former, stability improvementSample
Veggie GelGelTransparent thickeners, gelling agent for number of vegetable oils, fatty alcohols, esters & polybuteneSample
Vegetable Polyesters to PolybutensGelHigh Viscosity, Glossy effects without stickiness, Film FormerSample
Xanthan gumPowderThickening & stabilizing agentSample