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ProductFormKey FeaturesEcocertOrganic
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Cetrimonium BromidePowderPrevents Static BuildupSample
ChitosanPowderFilm forming, moisture retainingSample
Coconut AlkanesLiquidGreen Alternative to Cyclotretasiloxane, lsododecane & lsohexadecaneaSample
Coconut Alkanes & Coco-Caprylate CaprateLiquidGreen Alternative to CyclopentasiloxaneaSample
Coconut Alkanes, Oinoleic acid/Propanediol Copolymer, Coco-caprylate CaprateViscous LiquidGreen Alternate to Oimethicone/Oimethiconol. Provides slip, moisturization & conditioningaSample
Colloidal GoldLiquidSoluble, Skin conditionerSample
Colloidal OatmealPowderCleanses Sebum, Soothes irritated/itchy scalp, Prevents dandruffaSample
Colloidal SilverPowderStrong bactericidal properties, Anti-dandruffSample
Oecyl GlucosideLiquidAlkyl polyglucoside mild surfactant, enhances viscosity build-up and increases foam volumeaSample
Grape Seed ExtractPowder/LiquidHair regrowthaSample
Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium ChloridePowderSuper effect on wet & dry compatibility. Imparts smooth, silky feel to hair.Sample
Hydrolyzed ElastinLiquidRich in minerals, strengthens, purifies scalp and stimulates hair growthSample
Hydrolyzed KeratinPowderRetains moisture & smoothens hairSample
Hydrolyzed Wheat ProteinPowderNourishes, Strengthens & StraightensSample
Lauryl GlucosidePowderSurfactant, film-former, foaming agent, antistatic and softener.aSample
Lavender ExtractLiquidAlkyl polyglucoside mild surfactant, enhances viscosity build-up and increases foam volumeaSample
Lingonberry Seed OilLiquidSoothes the scalp, anti-dandruff actionSample
Marine Collagen Peptide Powder/OilNourishing, Anti-dandruff, Anti- UVSample
Hydrolyzed CollagenPowderProtects & StrengthensSample
Oat ExtractPowder & LiquidStrengthens, Reduces breakage, Relieves scalp itching, protects against brittlenessSample
Polyquaternium-6LiquidReduces static, Moisturization, Excellent lubrication, Enhances foamSample
Polyquaternium- 7LiquidRich, creamy foam, Helps hold curls, Clarity in anionic surfactant systems MoisturizationSample
Polyquaternium-1 OPowderForms clear uniform film, Improves hair smoothness & enhances detanglingSample
Polyquaternium-11LiquidFine conditioning, detangles hairSample
Polyquaternium-22LiquidRich Foam, Moisturizing, Non flakingSample
Polyquaternium-28LiquidGood Lubricity & film forming propertiesSample
Polyquaternium-39PowderAnti-static, Enhances foam stability, Film formingSample
Polyquaternium-44LiquidSuperior wetting, Imparts silky soft feel to hair, Enhances foamSample
Polyquaternium-4 7LiquidExcellent lubrication, Enhances foam stabilitySample
Raspberry Seed OilOilNourishing, Anti-dandruff, Anti- UV, Scalp TonicSample
Seabuckthorn Berry & Seed OilOilair growth promoting & increases hair sheenSample
Sodium StearoylPowderGloss & Pliability to hair without irritation to scalpSample