Personal Care


ProductFormKey FeaturesEcocertOrganic
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Glyceryl MonooleateSemi-SolidSoftener, bulking agent , emulsifier, low irritancy to skinSample
Glyceryl MonostearatePowder/FlakesLow HLB emulsifier & OpacifieraSample
Glyceryl Caprylate I CaprateLiquid/Semi-SolidVegetable based, Non-ionic emulsifies, provides a light silky smooth, non greasy feelaSample
Polyglycerol EstersLiquidFor W/0 & 0/W Systems, Provides rich creamy foam & Imparts luxurious after skin feelaSample
PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric GlyceridesLiquidHigh HLB emulsifier for Sensitive/mild personal care formulationSample
Coconut Alkanes & Disteardimonium Hectorite & Propylene CarbonateLiquidFor Cold process formulation & stabilizes emulsion for silky matte feelSample
Colloidal GoldLiquidSoluble, Anti-microbial, skin conditioningaSample
Colloidal SilverLiquidSoluble, Anti-microbialaSample
Colloidal PlatinumLiquidSoluble, Anti-micorbialaSample
Gold & Silver FlakesFlakes24K Gold leaf is beaten into 1/ 1 Om icron thickness, as cosmetic additive in gels, emulsions and liquidsSample