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Emollients/ Moisturizers

ProductFormKey FeaturesEcocertOrganic
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AllantoinPowderMild Keratolytic Agent, increases skin smoothness, Soothing, Anti-irritantSample
Aluminum LactatePowderOral care products-Mouthwashes, toothpastesSample
Apple Seed ExtractLiquidTriglycerides give the moisturizing property, strengthen skin lipid barrier and reduce TEWL.aSample
Apricot Kernal OilOilAnti-wrinkle, regenerates skin, hydrationSample
Argan ButterSolidPolyphenol reduce inflammation, tocophenols reverse ageingSample
Betaine (Trimethylglycine)PowderAn osmolyte thereby attracting water, Controls water balance, strengthens skin barrierSample
Blue Tansy (Moroccan Chamomile) OilOilFor Irritated, inflammed, burned or damaged skinaSample
Calcium Steroyl LactatePowderUnsurpassed skin moisturizationSample
Ceramide-EPowderAnalogue of the ceramide intercellular substance, Strengthen the cohesion force of the epidermal cells, and improve the water preservation capacity of the skins.Sample
Cetyl LactatePowderSoftening, moisturizing and revitalizing propertiesSample
Cocoa ButterSolidNaturally healing dry & sensitive skinSample
Coconut Alkanes & Olive SqualaneLiquidNatural substitute of Olive Squalane, Non-greasy & highly stableaSample
D-PanthenolLiquidProvitamin B5, turns into active component inside skin cell- pantothenic acid. Softens & moisturizesSample
Glyceryl MonooleateSemi-SolidVegeatble based emulsifier and opacifierSample
Honeysuckle ExtractLiquidRich in Saponins, reduce inflammations and soften skin. Contain phenolic compounds and flavinoids, have foaming propertiesaSample
Hyaluronic AcidPowderHydration, skin barrier, textureSample
Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Polyglyceryl-3-0 leate,PasteAs a Lanolin replacement- Emollient, Lubricant & SolubilizerSample
Hydrogenated Vegetable OilsSoi Id/FlakeReplacement to Cocoa Butter- Bulking agentSample
Hydrolyzed Pearl LiquidLiquidImparts smoothness to skinSample
Hydrolyzed Sodium HyaluronatePowderVery very low Molecular weight HA for Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle, Moisturization, Anti-sebumSample
Kiwifruit ExtractLiquidContains Omega 3, Vit E thereby helping cutaneous hydrationaSample
Mango ButterSolidExcellent moisturization, good lubricitySample
Marula ButterPasteHigh content vitamin E, improves spreading & moisturizing effect in final productsSample
Medium Chain TriglyceridesOil/ PowderVegetable based esters offer diverse range of skin feel from emolliency and occlusionaSample
Myristyl LactatePowderSoftening, moisturising and revitalising propertiesSample
Oat OilOilCeramide & Vitamin E rich, outstanding skin absorbencyaSample
Olive Fruit Oil & Olive Oil Polyglyceryl 3 EsterPasteGreen Alternative to Squalane, As a texturizing agent, Quickly absorbed, light textureSample
Olive Fruit Oil, Rice Bran Wax, Stearic Acid, Olive Oil Polyglyceryl 3 EsterPasteGreen Alternative to Petroleum Jelly, forms lipophillic film on skin, helps in reducing TEWL.Sample
Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable OilPasteEmollient, Lubricant & Melt Point adjusterSample
Rose Hip OilOilRich in linoleic, linolenic acids, promotes regenerative activity, regulates elasticity & restores skin moistureSample
TrehalosePowderNatural disaccharide having moisturizing & protecting propertiesaSample