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Botanical Extracts (Liquid)

ProductFormKey FeaturesEcocertOrganic
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Apple Seed ExtractLiquidRich in phenolic compound, Flavonoids, Moisturizes, Strengthens Skin lipid barrier & Reduces TEWLaSample
Apple Shoot ExtractLiquidRich in Catechin, perfect for anti ageingaSample
Amica MexicanaLiquidRich in Flavonoids, stimulate skin repair process, reduces and relieves inflammation, offering soothing propertiesaSample
Barley ExtractLiquidRich in lipophillic actives, essential fatty acids and phytosterols, relieves itching, replenishes the skin barrier, soothes dry inflammed skinaSample
Chaga ExtractLiquidRich in Beta glucan, Polyphenols, One of most potent anti-oxidant, Anti -inflammatory & skin soothing propertiesaSample
Cloudberry Seed ExtractLiquidRich in Ellagic Acid, Courmaric Acid, Cinnamic Acid, Ellagitannins show Anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activityaSample
Grape Seed ExtractLiquidRich in OPC, Ideal active ingredient for anti ageing, tannin content perfect for oily skinaSample
Heather Flower ExtractLiquidRich in ursolic acid, Arbutin, flavonoids, shows inhibition of elastase enzyme & have anti-inflammatory effect. Good for sensitive skinaSample
Honeysuckle ExtractLiquidRich in hydroxycinnamic acid & flavonoids have antioxidant properties, astringent action due to tanninaSample
Horsetail ExtractLiquidRich in silicon fortifies skin, stimulates collagen, ensures sebum regulation, boosts nail & hair growthaSample
Kiwifruit ExtractLiquidRich in vitamin C & AHA, brightens, protects & restructures skinaSample
Lavender ExtractLiquidRich in phenolic compounds soothes & heals the skin, scalp, regulates sebumaSample
Marigold ExtractLiquidRich in ursolic acid, arbutin, flavonoids, shows inhibition of elastase enzyme & have anti-inflammatory effect, good for sensitive skinaSample
Pine Bark ExtractLiquidRich in OPC acts as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant prevents ageingaSample
Oat ExtractLiquidRich in alpha tocopherol, tocotrienol, linoleic & oleic acid, superior ingredient for delicate/sensitive skin and hairaSample
Olive Leaf ExtractLiquidRich in flavonoids, hydroxytyrosol, ideal for anti ageing & suncare products, regulates sebumaSample
Peach ExtractLiquidRich in phenolic compounds, acts as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory soothes & calms skinaSample
Peppermint ExtractLiquidRich in tannins, regulates sebum secretion, tightens pores & evens skin toneaSample
Roman Chamomile ExtractLiquidHigh concentration of phenolic compounds which bring soothing properties by reducing inflammation.aSample
Roseroot ExtractLiquidRich in rosavin, tyrosol, salidrosides for anti-inflammatory action, anti stress productsaSample
Palmitoyl Cocoa Seed ExtractPowderOPC Palmitate of unfermented cocoa seeds. Fights against oxidative stress, maintains skin structure, protects from photo ageingaSample
Palmitoyl Green Tea ExtractPowderPalmitate of Green tea polyphenols. Oxygenates the skin protects from photo ageing, Preserves skin elasticityaSample
Palmitoyl Pine Bark ExtractPowderOPC Palmitate of maritime Pine Bark. fights against oxidative stress, improves cutaneous micro-circulationaSample