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ProductFormKey FeaturesEcocertOrganic
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Apple Shoot ExtractLiquidRich in Phenolic compounds, have additional strong anti-oxidant properties & soothing effect for sensitive skinSample
Colloidal GoldRed LiquidWater Soluble, Anti-microbial, skin conditioningSample
Colloidal PlatinumBrown to Black LiquidWater Soluble, Anti-microbial, Anti-oxidant, DeodorantSample
Colloidal SilverYellow to Brown LiquidWater Soluble, Anti-microbialSample
ClimbazoleWhite PowderAnti-Dandruff, Anti PruriticSample
Glyceryl CaprylatePale Yellow LiquidBioenhancer, Emollient, Preservative-free claim, Penetration Enhancer, Secondary EmulsifierSample
Metallic SilverGrey PowderWater Insoluble, Cosmetic colorant, Deodorant, Skin ConditioningSample
Piroctone OlamineWhite PowderAnti-Dandruff, Deodorants, Anti-oxidantSample
Peach ExtractLiquidRich in Phenolic compounds, offers antioxidant activity & diminishes inflammation, soothes and calms skinSample
Propylene Glycol CaprylateLiquidPreservative-free claims, Booster, Emollient, Secondary EmulsifierSample
Silver Citrate Solution (Silver Citrate & Citric Acid)Transparent LiquidWater Soluble, Anti-microbial, DeodorantSample
Silver Copper ZeolitePale Blue PowderWater Insoluble, Deodorant, AbsorbentSample
Silver Lactate SolutionTransparent LiquidWater Soluble, Anti-microbial, DodorantSample
Silver Solution-BTransparent LiquidWater Soluble, Anti-microbial, Anti-InflammatorySample
Silver Solution-CColorless to Yellow LiquidWater soluble, Anti-microbialSample
Silver Zeolite (Sodium Silver Aluminium Silicate)White PowderWater Insoluble, Deodorant, AbsorbentSample
Silver Zirconium PhosphateWhite PowderWater Insoluble, Anti-microbial, Anti-septic API for Home & Personal CareSample