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Olive Leaf ExtractPowderAnti-ageing, antioxidant, skin whiteningSample
Collagen Peptide PowderPowderAnti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, skin hydrationSample
Sodium HyaluronatePowderSkin hydration, anti-wrinkleSample
Pine Bark ExtractPowderAnti-ageing, antioxidant, skin hydration, skin lighteningSample
Seabuckthorn ExtractPowderAnti-ageing, antioxidant, dermatitis, skin regenerationSample
UvaUrsi ExtractPowderSkin lightening, skin glow, hair tonicSample
Tranexamic AcidPowderSkin lightening, skin toningSample
FlaxseedPowderAnti-ageing, skin and hair glowSample
Lemon extractPowderSkin conditioningSample
Nigella OilOilSkin lightening, acne, hair growthSample
Bilberry Seed OilOilAnti-ageing, skin regenerationSample
Lingonberry Seed OilOilAnti-ageing, skin toning whiteningSample
Blackcurrant Seed OilOilSkin soothing and maintains body weight balanceSample
Sea Buckthorn Seed OilOilAnti-ageing, sun care, skin hydration & soothingSample
Pine Bark ExtractPowderSkin hydration, moisturization, anti-pigmentation, skin elasticity, sun protectionSample